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          The school is busy making final preparations to open and welcome back students, faculty and staff the first week in August. Faculty and staff will start the new school year on Monday, August 3, with three days of pre-panning, and students will return on Thursday, 八月 6. Teachers are already hard at work with their training on the Blackbaud Learning Management Program, which should simplify communication among students, faculty, and parents. The LMS should make it easier to toggle back and forth between in-person 和 remote learning, if necessary. We must all be prepared for ongoing disruption in schools during this time of uncertainty. Please review 富兰克林学院's re-opening plans on our website 这里.

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          In response to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the 亚特兰大 area and in response to the spike in student anxiety about being in group settings, we will move to remote learning to help protect the health of the school community.  Our teachers are prepared, as I described in my last letter, to communicate with each of their students daily by email, moving them through their individualized weekly, monthly, 和 semester plans.

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          BFA Faculty & Staff Summer Adventures

          We have loved hearing all about our students' summer adventures over the past week and a half! Between 教师工作日s and Wonderful Wednesdays, our faculty and staff also made the most of their summer break by traveling around the world, exploring 亚特兰大, and spending time with family 和 friends. Check out some of their adventures below!

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